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Kalakshiti was founded by Sunita Yogananda in an effort to bring India's art and cultural heritage to the Indianapolis area. Kalakshiti is dedicated to the education and promotion of the Indian Classical dance form- Bharatanatyam. The institute offers high-quality training to budding artists from a young age in the Kalakshetra style. The mission is to provide students with fluency and appreciation for Bharatanatyam, a dance form over 2000 years old. Bharatanatyam is an ancient dance form that originated in southern India. Indian culture endorses a holistic approach to life and Bharatanatyam enumerates the practice of this philosophy.


The dancer uses gestures and rhythmic steps, facial expressions, posture and motion to narrate myths and stories of the Hindu pantheon of Gods and Goddesses. Students of any age, skill level and cultural background are welcome. The greatest reward for the institute is to see the students grow into confident and creative artists with an understanding for the ancient art. We endeavor to reach Indianapolis community through public performances and collaborations with other organizations. Anyone interested in taking a class or in learning more about Kalakshiti can contact us.